Truly Memorable Gifts (TMG) Launch Gives Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers a Simple, Sustainable Way to Earn More Referrals and Repeat Business

New eCommerce Site Provides Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers Access to a Vast Selection of High-Quality Thank You Gifts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Truly Memorable Gifts (TMG) has launched their new eCommerce site: Started in 2021 by seasoned Realtor and former mortgage broker James Geddes, TMG helps real estate and mortgage professionals leverage the client relationships they've built and the influence they've earned into more referrals and repeat business. The extremely competitive real estate and mortgage industry emphasizes relationship marketing as its most powerful resource. Thoughtful closing gifts have long been considered one of the best ways to extend those relationships into the long term. TMG makes it easy for real estate agents and mortgage brokers to find, personalize and purchase curated gifts without breaking their marketing budget.

With the launch of the new site, TMG has entered the booming personalized and non-personalized gifts industry targeting real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Currently, the personalized gifts sector is valued at $31B and is expected to surpass $38B by 2027. More broadly, eCommerce is estimated to top $200B this year. With an average of 800,000 cash and mortgage transactions for residential properties every month, the total addressable market for TMG is enormous. TMG is unique in that it focuses directly on Thank You closing gifts for real estate and mortgage professionals, filling a notable gap in this booming transaction-based marketplace.

Founder James Geddes has a strong track record of identifying – and driving – the next big thing. In addition to his work as a Realtor and mortgage broker, Geddes has served in a variety of Founder/CEO roles in the Internet and Mobile sectors as well as a Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director of a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Herbert Schlosser, the retired President and CEO of NBC, praised his instincts and business acumen: "Having served on two Board of Directors with Jim Geddes, he knows how to discover startups that address huge openings in the market and nurture them to become market leaders in their sector."

Today, real estate and mortgage professionals need all the help they can get to build a sustainable business in a very competitive market. Last year, the National Association of REALTORs (NAR) reported a record number of new agents entering the business. More than 156,000 joined NAR in 2020 and 2021, an astounding 60% more than the previous two years combined. As the agent population soars and housing inventory remains limited, an increasing number of real estate and mortgage professionals find themselves challenged to carve out their slice of a rapidly shrinking pie.

The most successful agents and mortgage brokers are using Thank You gifts to leverage and amplify influence which creates word-of-mouth marketing for more referrals. According to NAR, 75% of home buyers choose the first agent they interview. 41% of sellers hire an agent based on personal recommendations from their sphere of influence. The easiest customer to "win" is one who's already worked with them before or been referred by a past client. Clients become the most cost-effective Influence Marketers for agents and mortgage brokers. Well-chosen Thank You gifts make a lasting impression so that when the time comes for a past client to buy, sell, or refer, they know who to call first.

A Book Launch to Remember
To coincide with the site's launch, Geddes is releasing his newest book, Are You Memorable? which teaches the why and how of thoughtful gift-giving, including the "marks" of a perfect gift and other insightful lessons and thought-provoking ideas. Rooted in Geddes' own experience and the wisdom of his mentors and business partners who have helped him get where he is today, Are You Memorable? will help real estate and mortgage professionals strengthen relationships, cultivate influence, and generate word-of-mouth marketing.

"I've seen the power of thoughtful gifts catapult relationships to the next level and actually get people talking," said Geddes. "I'm very excited for Truly Memorable Gifts to become the "Go To" resource for real estate and mortgage professionals so that they can easily and cost-effectively leverage the influence they've earned with past, current and future clients into more frequent commission generating opportunities."

About Truly Memorable Gifts
Truly Memorable Gifts (TMG) was launched in 2022 by James Geddes to help real estate and mortgage professionals become more successful through thoughtful gift-giving. Their intuitive website with instant personalization and a vast selection of curated gifts make gifting easy so real estate and mortgage professionals can focus on what they do best: building longstanding relationships that continually bear fruit with more repeat and referral business.

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